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Latin I
Just for Fun

Here's the Syllabus




Faciendi plures libros nullus est finis

Frequensque meditatio carnis adflictio est

Finem loquendi omnes pariter audiamus Deum time et mandata eius observa

Hoc est enim omnis homo

Ecclesiastes 12:12-13


Period: 12:45-1:25 p.m. T, Th.

Teacher: Mr. Helms (home: 415.892.8776 or cell: 414.259.9553)

Course Description: The first in a two-part course, Latin I will give students a working knowledge of the Latin language with an emphasis on comprehension and translation. Students will memorize the first four declensions and all four conjugations in all tenses, both voices, and two moods culminating in extensive reading exercises in the second semester.

Course objectives: Goals for the students include

  • To acquire a working knowledge of Latin vocabulary and grammar
  • To be able to read simple Latin selections with ease and understanding without constant recourse to a dictionary
  • To become aware of the influence of Latin upon the English language
  • To form study habits based upon the methodical practice of Latin that improve study in other areas
  • To gain confidence in determining the meaning of unknown English words by their Latin roots
  • To gain an appreciation of the Latin language and its literature
  • To gain an appreciation of the beauty and faults of the Latin Vulgate translation of scripture

Texts: Wheelock’s Latin, Sixth Edition, Frederic Wheelock and Richard LaFleur,

Bantam New College Latin and English Dictionary

501 Latin Verbs

Supplies: 3-ring binder section, pen/pencil, white college-rule paper, internet access (notify teacher if unable to access internet from home—I will print up requirements for you), and note cards on a ring.

Requirements: 1. Complete all assignments on time and legibly

2. Take notes

3. Come prepared—appropriate supplies and attitude

4. Participate

Grading: 30% - Quizzes

30% - Homework

30% - Tests

10% - Class Participation

Homework: There will be homework most nights. Daily assignments will not be accepted late for full credit: later same day for 90% credit or later same week for 50% credit. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher periodically to check on their child’s progress, but I must stress that the study of Latin requires a great degree of personal drive on the students part.

Attendance & Missed Work: As with any language repetition and regularity are key. There is no substitute for daily practice and lecture attendance. Concessions will be made for illness, emergency or vacation at the teacher’s discretion. If you are aware that you will be unable to attend a class, be sure to make arrangements with the teacher prior to your absence.

Extra Credit: Extra credit will be offered in the form of research papers, leading class discussions, and translations. All extra credit work must be pre-approved by the teacher. Up to three points of extra credit may be earned each term.

Course Outline


(subject to adjustment)

1st TERM

Introduction and Chapters 1-3

1st Unit Test

2nd TERM

Chapters 4-7

2nd Unit Test

3rd TERM

Chapters 8-10

Cumulative Exam

4th TERM

Chapters 11-14

4th Unit Test

5th TERM

Chapters 15-17

5th Unit Test

6th TERM

Chapters 18-20

Cumulative Exam